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Pump Flow or Displacement

$$GPM(Flow) = \frac{RPM * DISPLACEMENT (Cu. In./Rev.)}{231}$$

Pump Input Horsepower

$$HP(Power) = \frac{PSI(Pressure) * GPM(Flow))}{1714 * \text{% }Pump\text{ } Efficiency }$$


$$Lb-in (Torque) =\frac{PSI (Pressure) * cu.in. / rev. (Displacement)}{2π} $$


$$Lb-in (Torque) =\frac{HP(Power) *63025}{RPM} $$

Cylinder Piston Area-Blind End (Extension)

$$in^2(Area) = in (Piston\text{ } Diameter) ^ 2 * (\frac{π}{4})$$

Cylinder Piston Area-Rod End (Retraction)

$$in^2 (Area) = (in (Piston Diameter))^2 *(\frac{π}{4}) – (in(Rod Diam.))^2 *(\frac{π}{4})$$

Cylinder Force

$$lbf. (Pounds\text{ }of\text{ }Force) = PSI (Pressure) * sq. in. (Area)$$

Cylinder Flow Rate and Velocity

$$GPM (Flow) = \frac{in.^2 (Area) * in. (Stroke Travel) * 60 }{sec (Time) * 231}$$

Cylinder Volume

$$Gal (Volume)=\frac{in.^2 (Piston Area) * in. (Stroke)}{231}$$

Pressure Loss Per Foot of Pipe (Laminar Flow Only)

$$PSI/ft(Pressure Loss)=\frac{SSU(Viscosity\text{ at }Oper. Temp.) * GMP}{18300*(in(I.D. of Pipe))^4}$$

Velocity of Oil Flow in a Pipe

$$ft/sec(Velocity)=\frac{GPM (Flow)*0.3208}{(in(I.D. of Pipe))^2*0.7854}$$

Reservoir Cooling Capacity (Steel w/ Adequate Air Circulation)

BTU/hr(Heat Loss) =2*sq. ft. (Surface Area of Reservoir) * (°F (Reservoir Wall Temp.)-°F (Air Temp.))

Heat in a Hydraulic System From Unused Flow / Pressure

BTU/hr (Heat) = GPM (Flow)*1.485 *PSIG (Pressure Drop)

Heat in a Hydraulic System (Hydraulic Oil)

BTU/hr (Heat Loss) = 210 * GPM (Flow) * (°F (Return Fluid Temp.) -°F (Pump Fluid Temp.))

Heat Required to Reach a Desired Temperature

$$kWh (Heat)=\frac{Lbs. of Hyd Oil*Specific Heat*(°F (End Temp.)-°F (Beg. Temp.))}{3413}$$

Accumulator Make Up Oil Necessary to Stroke Cyl in “X” seconds

Blind End

$$Oil Req. = \frac{3.14 * Cyl. Bore Dia.^2 * Stroke}{4}-\frac{GPM * 231 * Req. Stroke}{60}$$

Rod End

$$Oil Req. = \frac{3.14*(Cyl. Bore Dia.^2-RodDia.^2)}{4}* Stroke-\frac{GPM * 231 * Req. Stroke}{60}$$

Accumulator Sizing

$$StoredOil = \frac{0.95 * Pre\text{-}charge * Vol.Size}{Min. PSI} – \frac{0.95*Pre\text{-}charge*Vol.Size}{System PSI}$$

Stored Oil if Accumulator Size is Larger

Due to heating and cooling of the nitrogen during operation, a 5% allowance has been added to the formula. Allow enough extra capacity for contingencies.

Calculating Flow Rates in Regeneration Circuits

DB = Diameter Blind End
DR = Diamter of Rod End
P = Pump Flow

Cylinder Speed

$$Cylinder Speed (in/sec) = \frac{P * 231}{60 * (\frac{DR^2}{4} * π)}$$

Flow Out of Rod End of Cylinder

$$Flow Rod End (GPM) = \frac{DB^2-DR^2}{DR^2}*P$$

Combined Flow (Regen. Flow + Pump Flow)

$$Combined Flow (GPM) = \frac{DB^2}{DR^2}*P$$

Retraction Flow (Flow Out of Blind End)

$$Retract Flow (GPM) = \frac{DB^2}{DB^2-DR^2}*P$$








Viscosity (100° F)


Heat/ Energy


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