About Us

Since the year 2000, Northpointe Industries has been manufacturing and shipping the highest-quality, compact AC and DC hydraulic power units. Northpointe Industries is dedicated to setting the standard in the industry, for quality in product selection and performance, as well as customer service. If you operate a business that requires hydraulic power units, we are the name to trust. Our goal is to keep your business operating year round with the right prices on expertly manufactured hydraulic equipment.

We manufacture a large variety of power units and integrated hydraulic manifold packages to order. Whatever your specifications, Northpointe Industries will deliver accurately and quickly the system or components to fill your requirement. Whether it’s a new application or a system upgrade we are able to supply the components you need to get you up and running.

The History of Northpointe Industries

Northpointe Industries has a long history in manufacturing, with roots tracing back to Racine, Wisconsin. The original name was Webster-Electric, a Sta-Rite Company, and later it became part of the Danfoss Co. Then in 2000 it became Northpointe Industries and moved to Tumwater, Washington.

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